zombie apocalypseglobal pandemicrobot uprisingmeteor strikeexhausted natural resourcesother ____ W r i t i n g

zombie apocalypseglobal pandemicrobot uprisingmeteor strikeexhausted natural resourcesother ____ W r i t i n g

The discussion for this week is intended to get us thinking about the way in which social institutions are created and evolve in order to meet emerging social needs. This will test your creative skills as much as your knowledge and understanding of social institutions. When making your initial and response post, be specific about how you think social institutions will change (i.e. How will statuses, roles, norms, values, or all of the above change? Will a new social institution be constructed and what would be the statuses, roles, etc… within that institution?). This discussion was created well before recent events, but you may find an immediate connection to the pattern of behavior that we are looking to study indirectly within this discussion. The directions may seem odd, but I can assure you that this survey/”thought experiment” will make sense if you read the “Mid-week Report.”

For your original post ( the first part ), select one of the social problems listed below and briefly describe (a) the needs of society that would emerge as a result of this problem and (b) the ways in which current institutions would evolve (or any new institutions that would need to be created if you really want a challenge) to meet these needs. Consider, for example, if society was facing an outbreak of vampires: What would society need? What would happen to the family? What would happen to government? What would happen to religion? What would happen to the economy? etc…

“It is the year 3000. Society is in disarray as a result of _____.”

Zombie Apocalypse

Global Pandemic

Robot Uprising

Meteor Strike

Exhausted Natural Resources

Other ____ (Feel free to come up with your own “apocalyptic” scenario if you are feeling creative).

For your response post ( the second part ), add to a fellow classmate’s “movie script” by providing further details regarding the way in which social institutions would evolve in this new world.

I will send you the classmate’s “movie script” to do the second part of the homework after receiving the first part from you.

the time is for the two parts of the homework.

please be sure that what you’re gonna write is about Sociology.

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