yellow wallpaper ,” charlotte perkins gilman uses H u m a n i t i e s

yellow wallpaper ,” charlotte perkins gilman uses H u m a n i t i e s

Textbook: Reading and Writing About Literature


Read Chapter 5, “Writing About Stories.” It is a very short chapter and the stories therein are most intriguing, requiring students to delve deeper beneath the superficial. Hone in on p. 95 “Questions on the Stories.”

“The Yellow Wallpaper” (in your textbook)

“The Story of an Hour” (in your textbook)

“The Chrysanthemums” (Module 4)

“The Birthmark” (Module 4)



Compose ONE DEJ on TWO short stories of your choice (from textbook or Module 4). Select a story, not a reading regarding learning strategies (do not use They Say I Say readings or Banking Concept)

FOUR SECTIONS: Copy/paste the sections to your word doc, respond accordingly, and upload here.

  1. Summary: Summarize one of the stories of your choice (3rd person) 75+ words
  2. Response section: (1st person) 100+ words in clear and succinct paragraph format (responding to questions on Chapter 5, “Writing About Stories” p. 95)
  3. Quotes: Integrate at least 2 meaningful quotes from each story,(making a total of 4 quotes, using MLA citation and punctuation guidelines). Quotes not integrated will not receive points.
  4. Critical Question: Pose at least one critical question for each story. Go deep here.

REMINDER: The DEJ has four parts. 10 points each section. I am looking for meaningful discussion, responding to the questions on p. 95 in your textbook. Look for the shaded box that reads “Questions on the Stories.”


In all summaries, introduce the text and author, avoid using the passive word “by”; rather, I want you to have an active assertive voice. Here’s an example of two templates to start your summary, which you are welcome to use.

In “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses an unreliable narrator’s voice to unfold a story about…

In William Faulkner’s tragic short story, “A Rose for Emily,” he uses an elderly woman, Emily, to provide a glimpse into how the deep South’s Antebellum society and family pressure can have an impact on mental health.

upload or post your DEJ here for points

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