writing promptsp3 reflection essay W r i t i n g

writing promptsp3 reflection essay W r i t i n g


P3 Reflection Essay – These are the prompts you’ll use for reflecting on what you know about writing in drafting Project Three.

This essay of 3-5 pages double-spaced (or more if desired) should capture your reflection on two things: 1) on the process of writing this semester, from researching, to writing about research, to analyzing the writing of others in a discipline; 2) on concepts about writing you think are important to understand in order to be a more effective writer. In your Reflection Essay, you might focus on:

  • What would you say is most important to consider if writing effectively?
  • What are they key concepts about writing that you’ll continue to think about as important for you to use when planning to write in future writing situations?
  • What was most significant or surprising to you as you made the shift from researching and writing about the research you found to analyzing the writing done in your discipline? Did you notice any similarities or differences across those contexts?
  • Considering your new knowledge or expectations about what you’ll be writing once you’re into the workplace, what additional knowledge about the writing in your discipline or major would you need to find out more about?
  • What do you think of yourself as a writer so far this semester, and what is the most important insight about yourself as a writer you take with you from this class?
  • What still requires more work or growth in your writing and why? What can you do to keep working on it?
  • What concepts of writing do you think will help you understand the writing in your discipline or major?
  • Has anything else emerged in reflecting on the writing you’ve done or the research you’ve found this semester that you think is important for you to keep thinking about? Have there been any other ideas that occurred to you as important to understand about writing as you go forward, beyond this class?

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