write two complete analyses B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

write two complete analyses B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

** The Scenario Based on which this task needs to be completed is attached in the word document**

Request: You will be submitting one document, a consumer analysis for marketing collateral, to your manager with an introduction, daytime target consumer analysis, evening target consumer analysis, and conclusion. Keep in mind that traditional marketing collateral used to mean print and other forms of media that support the sales process, but now it has evolved to mean both online and offline media and messages to customers. Within your analysis, you will make recommendations for marketing decisions based on your research. Specifically, your manager wants you to include the following:

  • Introduction: You want to begin your analysis with a brief overview of the consumer buying process to set the stage for your recommendations. Begin by describing the stages of the consumer buying process and explaining how they relate to marketing collateral.
  • Target Consumer Analysis: In this section, you will need to write two complete analyses, one for each customer segment. Each analysis must include the following sections:
    • Market Research: Describe each customer segment including its needs, interests/activities, and attitudes/values. Recall from the scenario that you should be selecting a location for the Java Been café. This will help you better describe each customer segment. As stated in the scenario, two possible tools to help you understand the target demographic include the U.S. Census and the U.S. Census International Data Base, but there are other tools available as well. Be sure to identify the location that you chose.
    • Cultural Considerations: Explain the cultural considerations you have to take into account when making marketing collateral recommendations for each customer segment. For instance, how might you approach one segment differently from the other based on their cultural backgrounds?
    • Brand Ideals: Connect the brand ideals of Java Been to each customer segment. In order to do this, answer the following question:
      • Why does the company vision and history attract each customer segment?
    • Persuasion Techniques: Discuss at least one principle of psychology or persuasion technique that would be successful for each customer segment and cite sources to support your claims. This critical step will help your manager decide how to message each segment.
    • Recommendations: Select one type of marketing collateral that you could recommend for each customer segment and defend your choice. You may choose from the following examples: social media post, brochure, audio/visual, event-based marketing, celebrity endorsement, blog, biographies of founders, press release, or your own idea.
  • Conclusion: Conclude your analysis with a brief summary of each of your marketing collateral recommendations. In this brief proposal, explain how you came to each decision by citing your consumer research and additional resources as appropriate.

Consumer Analysis for Marketing Collateral
You will analyze two customer segments and recommend marketing collateral for each one. Your research will support your decision, and you should focus on cultural considerations, persuasion techniques, and brand ideals in your 1,500 word analysis, APA Format, Times New Roman, Double Spaced.

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