write one sentence explaining H u m a n i t i e s

write one sentence explaining H u m a n i t i e s

Hello, I have multiple writing assignments I want separately.

In the discussions do not put 100% effort in it, it’s more casual and around 250-300 words (two paragraphs)

First, GENRE ANALYSIS ESSAY, this the most important one

Week 8 have 2 assignments: A Discussion and a Dropbox

“Allegiance to Gratitude” by Robin Wall Kimmerer, attached as a pdf, or in the Content tab, under the Readings heading.


Choose a Wikipedia article and assess in terms of credibility, focus, organization, bias, variety of perspectives/viewpoints, tone, register. Reflect and discuss in terms of your Literacy Profile Portrait. What are the pros/cons of Wikipedia? How might this (or any) Wikipedia article be helpful to your writing process? What background information might you need in order to come up with an interesting angle or effective interview questions?


Regarding the reading “Allegiance to Gratitude,” answer the following:

What is the topic? Write a list of five hashtags that could be used to categorize this essay.

What is the theme (or what kind of experiential literacy) is she writing about?

Who does she interview? Why?

What do you think her interview questions were? (What did she ask her subjects?)

Week 9 have 2 assignments: A Discussion and a Dropbox

Discussion: Find an interview (check YouTube) and discuss what makes an interview successful. What do you think or already know about interviews? What did you learn from the video? What do you think the interviewer’s goal or purpose of the interview was? In what ways does the interviewer have to prepare for the interview? What makes a good (or inspiring!) interview question?

Dropbox: Choose five criteria from the lists of Genres (Narrative, Informative, Profile/Portrait) qualities. For each of these five, quote a specific part of “Allegiance to Gratitude” as an example for that criteria and write one sentence explaining what you liked about it or why it was important to the author’s message/purpose.

Example of an interview with Frieda Jacques, who was mentioned in “Allegiance to Gratitude” by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Week 10 has 1 assignment only:

Discussion: Choose any video on Vox.

1) Identify the following in the video:

A) Topic

B) Claim

C) Evidence

D) Warrant (something that connects the claim to the evidence or an assumption)

2) Based on the above information, write a working thesis statement for the video.

3) Explain why this issue deserves attention. What’s at stake? What makes it an interesting topic?

4) Identify the audience for this video. What groups is this most appropriate for? What evidence is there to suggest that?

5) What research strategies did they use? (As in, what methods did they use to come up with support/evidence?)

Week 11 has 2 assignments: Dropbox and transitions


Notes on Transitions from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s Writing Center.


Step one: Transition Worksheet.

Step two: Here’s an example of an Analysis Essay.

1) Find the thesis

2) Find the topic sentences for each paragraph

3) Find three areas where transitional words or phrases could be added to help the paper flow better. Highlight your additions.

Dropbox: Topic sentences exercise. Copy and paste into your own document, then upload to Dropbox.

Week 13: 1 assignment

Read: The Owlcation handout on “How to Write a Visual Analysis.


What kind of media/mode/genre will you analyze for your Analysis Essay? Tell us what criteria your subject could be analyzed with. Explain why you think that criteria is important for that particular genre. For example, a Horror movie needs to have a scary soundtrack– in order to help build the suspense of the mood. Or one way we might judge an advertisement is if it has a representation or description of the product it’s selling- in order to help us understand the products design or features. In other words, you are making a claim about what that criteria is doing and how it serves the author’s purpose. Include an example, such as a screenshot or link to the type of media you might analyze.

When responding, give an example of another criteria that could be looked at. For example, you might notice how color is used to draw attention to important parts of an advertisement, which reinforces one of its main arguments.

Week 14: 1 assignment


The article “The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday,” by Sean Sherman for Time. NOVEMBER 19, 2018


Write a post that is 250-350 words responding to the article “The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell…” Can be in paragraph or question/response Consider the following:

What helps the author seem credible? Give two examples from the text and one outside it (through an internet search.)

What is the main or central argument that the author makes?

What evidence does the author supply to back up the claim/argument?

What background information does he give us to help us understand the claim/argument?

What position(s) or attitude(s) does he ask us to take?

In what ways does he suggest we change our behavior?

Is the author effective in persuading the audience (you)? How so? Why or why not?

In what ways could you incorporate the message into how you relate to or participate in Thanksgiving?

What indigenous foods does he suggest we already may have in our diets?

What might the impact of eating indigenous (or non-indigenous) foods on our bodies and environment be?

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