write around 2 double space essay W r i t i n g

write around 2 double space essay W r i t i n g

Film and reading:

Languages of Films
Film: Shall We Dance? (Shall We Dansu?, Suo Masayuki, 1995)
Reading: David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, “The Relation of Shot to Shot: Editing,” in
Film Art: Introduction, 5th edition (New York: McGrow-Hill, 1997), 270-300.
Optional Reference: Bordwell and Thompson, Film Art, “Glossary,” in Film Art, 477-81. (You
are not required to read all of these. This is for your reference only.)

Pick one scene that impressed you most from the film assigned for the week. Explain how and
why that particular scene is impressive to you. Refer to the assigned reading of the week and
think about how your argument is related to it. Include the image(s) from the scene in your
journal. The expression of your paper needs to be clear (correct grammar; clear meanings of
words). Your argument needs to have a structure (introduction, explanation, conclusion).
In addition, separately from your argument on a scene, write down the keyword from the lecture,
which the instructor gives, in your response paper. Also, briefly explain the reason why that is
the keyword of the sequence in one sentence. (“The keyword is XXX because ….”) The reason
should be clear by the lecture. You do not need to repeat exactly what the instructor says. Use
your own words to explain.

Grading criteria is as follows (10 points total):

1.On-time submission = 1 point

2.Length (300-400 words) = 1 point

3.Pick one scene = 1 point

4.Originality (your own idea about why and how the scene is impressive) = 1 point

5.Reference to assigned reading = 1 point

6.Image = 1 point

7.Clarity of expression (appropriate grammar; clear meanings of words) = 1 points

8.Coherent structure of argument (no bullet point or itemization) = 1 point

9.Keyword = 1 point

10.Explanation of the keyword = 1 point

please combine with the reading(in the files) and the keyword(in the below picture) write around 2 double space essay.

Another file is too big so i put it in the google drive link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PwZ_xAyF5BkcYi6-m…

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