would hopefully show good results overall W r i t i n g

would hopefully show good results overall W r i t i n g

Part 1: Explain the meaning of bottlenecks and leverage points.
Part 2: We have covered a whole spectrum of public health issues. What do you think should be the three most important focuses of public health in the next 10 years? Why? (Answer)

p1:bottlenecksare things that limit the effectiveness of systems and leverage points are things that can provide opportunities
to greatly improve outcomes.

p2: the most important focuses on public health for the next ten years should be pandemic relief, spreading awareness, and upgrading technology. I think pandemic relief is something we should focus on not only because of covid but as we learned in class there are plenty of other epidemics we still are going through because we can’t contain it or find a cure, for example, aids. I also think we should work on more effective ways to spread awareness to everyone that they can have an active hand in public health and that everyone plays a part in it. this would hopefully show good results overall. lastly, I think updating technology would help prevent and monitor these things so much more effectively so that people could stay on top of things ahead of time. (Respond)

1) Bottlenecks occur when there is a demand for a particular resource. A bottleneck is anything that restricts the production delay and generates higher production costs. Leverage points take place in system’s such as corporations and economys where opprotunities can be provided that can be low or high to create a resolution for the sysem.

2) For public health in the next ten years I think the most important focuses should be recovery from the pandemic, improving sanitation, and controlling infectious diseases. Recovery from the pandemic should speak for itself, due to our current state in America. Through this pandemic and this class, I think back to life before, and not enough sanitation was done. Sanitation in the next 10 years should focus on resturaunts, public transportation, and schools to keep citizens from getting sick. To control infectous diseases, of course sanitation comes into play, but I hope this pandemic has shown everyone the need for vaccinations, staying home with symtoms of an infection, and for more places to sterilize equipment used often. There is a lot that can be done in America to help public health as I have learned this semester. (Respond)

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