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works really well without hurting anyone ’ B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Participate in the Discussion board by clicking on the Discussiontab on your Course Home menu, or by following the link above.

There are 4 discussions. You may choose any 1 to answer. While you should incorporate the content of assigned textbook readings and do additional scholarly research (to earn a high mark on the Reflection of Readings element), I discourage exclusive quoting or paraphrasing of the material. Instead, I ask you to present your own understanding of the information by sharing your knowledge and incorporating the information you learned. Be sure to extend that subject knowledge with examples and own explanations. 

Your main posts are due by Wednesday of this week for maximum participation credit. 

In addition to your main discussion, you are required to reply to at least 2 classmates in a discussion NOT selected for your main post (this means that if you choose to create a main post in “Empowerment,” then you should reply to classmates in any two of the other three threads – this is required, and responses posted to the same discussion you submitted your main post to will not be counted for peer credit. Responses to your classmates are due by Sunday.

Finally, please follow up on responses from the instructor or your peers (in addition to your required two classmate replies) to show a Distinguished effort and to remain fully engaged throughout the learning week.

“Coaching and providing feedback for improved performance”

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