works cited page ). W r i t i n g

works cited page ). W r i t i n g

I am Writing a Research paper about College Athletes making money of their image and likeness. It needs to be 2000-2500 words. I already created an annotated bibliography for the assignment with the required sources, but additional sources would be OK. below are the requirements for the assignment-

  1. An INTRODUCTION that defines/explains the issue or problem your paper’s thesis seeks to address and answer. The introduction should fairly summarize all/both sides of the issue before transitioning toward your own point of view.
  2. A THESIS that is direct, makes a persuasive claim, and foreshadows your papers biggest main ideas.

3.MAIN BODY PARAGRAPHS that are built around topic sentences that directly support your thesis statement. These paragraphs should also include evidence and analysis.

  1. AT LEAST ONE PARAGRAPH where you acknowledge an alternative point of view and explain how it fits into your broader argument. (Do you think it’s a weak argument? Can you refute it? Do you think that even though it makes a good point, the evidence for your own point of view is stronger?)
  2. A CONCLUSION which briefly summarizes your big ideas in 2-3 sentences but mostly focuses on a question like “Why does this paper’s argument matter?,” “What should the reader do, think, or feel after reading this paper?,” “What issues or questions aren’t answered in this paper that still need to be addressed?,” or “What needs to happen next?”
  3. AT LEAST FIVE CRITICAL SOURCES that are used as evidence to back up your claims, as resources that help define the scope of your paper, or as an alternative point of view you want to address. Two of your sources should be from peer-reviewed journals or academic books. All of your sources should be from reputable sources.

Papers should follow MLA formatting and be between 2000 and 2500 words long (NOT including the works cited page).

The Annotated Bobliograpgy is attached also.

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