works cited page ), including W r i t i n g

works cited page ), including W r i t i n g

Annotated Bibliography (for Works Cited) – [GRADED]


For this assignment, you will demonstrate that you have found, read, and annotated at least three additional sources, including 2 scholarly articles. One of the three sources could be a non-scholarly source. That is in addition to the two texts that I used to introduce the topic of procrastination: Tim Urban’s Ted talk and Adam Grant’s opinion article. I have used them as examples of how to do this assignment.

There are three columns that you need to complete in the chart:

  • In the first column, provide the MLA-style citation of the source (you can use it later to create your Works Cited page), including a link to the source (I should be able to click on it and see your source)
  • In the second column, copy and paste one direct quote from the source, with quotation marks around it. Do not change anything in the direct quote.
  • In the third column, paraphrase the direct quote and use some of it to summarize it to your readers. In your paraphrase/summary, you must use the name of the author and the place in the text (minutes in the video, paragraphs in the webpage, or pages in the journal article that you got as a PDF).

If you change your mind about using the quote later in the final paper, it’s okay; you can use a different one. If you are going to add more sources later, it’s okay too – you only need to show me THREE (3) at this time. For this particular exercise, I want to see how well you understood the MLA style of in-text citations, and how to paraphrase/summarize a direct quote.

What you need to do:

Follow my directions and examples to create your own annotated bibliography of 3 sources that you found and read. Use this annotated bibliography template to complete the task. Save the document as WORD or PDF and attach to this assignment. Submit your assignment.

This assignment is worth 18 points (3 for each item in the table). 3 points will be taken off late submissions automatically. This assignment is due on Tuesday, November 17 at 11:59 pm.

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