workplace research questions :( please make sure H u m a n i t i e s

workplace research questions :( please make sure H u m a n i t i e s

Topic: the informal learning in the workplace

Research Questions:(Please make sure that you describe this paper in relation to your research question. Which is NOT about productivity effects.)

Q:How does an organization’s learning culture relate to the degree of informal learning engagement among employees?

Q: How does an employee’s age relate to the degree of his/her informal learning engagement?

Q:Do employees’ tenure influence the degree of their informal learning engagement?

Make sure to use following literature

core papers:

Paper on New Ways of Working and informal learning:

Paper on age and informal learning:

Paper on Tenure and informal learning:The quoted data needs to be annotated, and where there is data, there must be explanation.

Finally, it’s better to connect these three research questions.

Original Requirements:

Written paper: In the paper the students elaborate a research question related to the topic of the course. Students will describe 3-5 key papers around this topic. Students should follow the online workshop on systematic literature review offered by LDO so that they are able to distinguish key papers related to their research question and report on key findings. When describing these key papers, students will show how to read and interpret findings of empirical papers and how to relate them to the literature of the course.


The paper should not exceed 15 pages, excluding the front page, the one-pager and the reference list. The entire paper is written in Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, 2.5 cm margins, and includes page numbers.

Front page: Mention title, student number, name, name of tutor, course code and title, and date.

One-pager: The one-pager gives a high-level overview of your research question and findings and positions your paper in the broader picture of the course. All nine topics which we discuss in tutor/team sessions, are related to each other, and the one-pager should show how your research paper relates to at least one of the topics.

Paper: The paper as such should be built in a similar way as the empirical papers we discuss in tutor/team sessions. The exception being that you do not have to perform empirical analyses yourself and therefore do not need a separate section about the data used. Instead, you describe 3-5 core papers more in detail, and show that you are able to interpret findings reported in those papers. It is important that you show how these core papers relate to each other and to show how they help you answer your research question. Be critical to that literature, and also highlight the papers’ shortcomings.

Referencing: Use APA style while referencing.

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