work towards wholeness “ beneath ,” “ W r i t i n g

work towards wholeness “ beneath ,” “ W r i t i n g


In a five-page, APA-style paper, describe your own
theory of transpersonality. For this assignment, “APA-style” refers only
to the structure of in-text citations (e.g. Rowe, 2017; Ruston &
Jones, 2011; Smith, 2013, p. 23) and the inclusion of a references

By “transpersonality,” we are referring to the path through which a
human being can become “wise,” “self-actualized,” or “enlightened,” and
able to contribute to the advancement of humanity in a transpersonal

Your readings have explored diverse theories and worldviews that
focus on different aspects of psychospiritual development. You have used
the Insight Chart to capture your personal thoughts and the elements
that resonated with you while engaged with the various wisdom traditions
and theorists. Review these entries. You have, understandably,
resonated with some theorists, perspectives, and worldviews more than
others. As you formulate your own theory of transpersonality, integrate
some of these theories and their ideas. You may also include other
perspectives (using references) that enhance your theory. These can
include theories related to metaphysics, shamanism, astrology, Taoism,
Christianity, Judaism, and more.

Begin in contemplation. Perhaps you will go into silence or take a
quiet walk. Perhaps you prime your contemplative pump by exercising and
clearing the mind. Pay attention to what you are inclined to do. This
gives you insight into what has heart and meaning for you. Next,
consider the definition of transpersonal psychology, and begin to review
your Insight Chart and notes in an open, contemplative way.

Which of the philosophies, worldviews, perspectives, and theorists
most resonate for you? Which parts are most aligned with your own
personality and view of human development? How do they inform you about
what it means to be a human being with transpersonal values at this

The following questions may or may not be helpful in constructing
your transpersonality theory. Refer to them for insight, rather than
feeling a need to answer them.

  • How do I understand concepts such as consciousness and awareness?
  • Do I posit a realm of the unconscious, and/or access of consciousness to something beyond the personal?
  • What role, if any, does the body have? Dreams?
  • What role does Earth have in my theory of who we are as humans?
  • How do I understanding suffering, causing suffering to others, and/or the inability to satisfy one’s needs or enjoy life?
  • What role(s) do I give family, profession, and culture?
  • What importance does the interrelatedness of all things hold in my theory of transpersonality?
  • Do people really have self-determination, or are we ruled by our unconscious tendencies, the environment, or fate?
  • Does soul or spirit relate to my transpersonality theory? If so, how?
  • Do I assume an essence of the individual beyond personality?
  • How do these notions affect my choice of personal and professional contribution?
  • What might it mean to consider one’s work towards wholeness “beneath,” “above,” or “beyond” the tangible work?
  • What does it mean to be “self-actualized,” and how can I become self-actualized?
  • How can I achieve congruence between my work life and my personal life?

Additional Readings You May Refer to:

1.Sewall, L. (1999). Looking for a worldview. Sight and sensibility (pp. 241–274). New York: Jeremy Taylor/Putnam.

Video Materials You May Refer to

1.The Mystical Experience-Part 3:

2.The Mystical Experience-Part 2:

3. The Mystical Experience-Part 3:

4.The Mystical Experience-Part 4:

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