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work towards break even B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Need Executive Summary( 2 and Half Pages) for a Marketing Plan of Indian Restaurant

Here is the abstract that we have submitted

Marketing Plan for Food Business just for reference

The food business that we are planning to do is one of the biggest tasks in our marketing. It requires proper planning, communication, and utmost care during its execution. Our business’s value discusses the crucial decisions and processes we use to execute our plans in developing our business. We need to value our traits and believe in perseverance, which helps in our business’s growth further.

The primary mission is to provide fast and quality food to our customers. This concept allows us to understand and attract as many customers as possible because the world is moving fast, and everyone needs things to be done early. When our customers get their mouth-watering food in a matter of minutes and getting to look happy in their faces makes us stronger to compete in this kind of competitive market. Our goal is to attract as many customer bases as possible and our attempt to retain them. In this business line, satisfying a customer is very tricky, and when we achieve that, it will provide a fruitful result to our vision and mission to go further. It will also help in building our strength and improve our perception of taste and quality. It provides us great value in providing the same consistently. We need to increase our workforce and stores so that many people can enjoy our food and can increase our influence. It is essential first to understand the customer that we are going to serve. If we can identify the right customers, we can organize the tasks that need to be performed.

Here we are making our location near a busy locality, so we are trying to attract as many customers as possible. We need first to understand the qualities that the customers find in their food. The next challenge is finding the right ingredients, and these findings will help curate a menu that will represent our value. The target audience is the basically the Indian diaspora and people who love Indian cuisine and make the food suitable to all types of people.

Since the offering is more of a fast-food type serving, there will be a small percentage of people outside of the Indian origin. The offering is universal for any time of the day, so the footfall will not be limited to lunch or dinner. The place will be located somewhere within the higher Indian demographic’s zip code to be close to the customer base. The area will most likely be with a shopping center with grocery stores and alike and used as a primary marketing source. Secondary sources for marketing will be social and print media. The initial phase of business will be heavily discounted to reel in a strong customer base. In terms of cost structure, the food items will be priced competitively to gain enough market share, and gradually the pricing will be reviewed to work towards break even. Our business offers fast food and delivers the product as quickly as possible.

The primary communication medium is to visit in-person and have a great meal enjoying the area’s aesthetic design and view. We have selected a beautiful looking site and designed it by considering all the best interests. As it is close to the potential audience, it will be easy for them to visit by walk and have a beautiful time together. Another way to connect us is through the telecommunication method.

You can call us and have a talk with our experienced members to smooth you through the menu and help in placing your order we will deliver it as soon as possible. You can also glance through our menu online and either book a table or order it to your home. Finally, enjoy your food and have a happy day.

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