work around “ genre theory ” might H u m a n i t i e s

work around “ genre theory ” might H u m a n i t i e s

Here are the steps to compete this assignment:

1)Select a piece of writing (anything from this course, and it’s best to choose something that deals also with the theory of genre as most of your pieces would) that will serve as the basis for this assignment, and potentially the next. If you want, you may choose something from outside this course, but the work around “genre theory” might be more difficult.

2)Think about your process for the specific writing project. The process and/or writing project you choose can be anything that captures your usual patterns of engaging with writing/writing assignments.

3)Refamiliarize yourself with your text, and think back to your writing of it. Jot down notes on what you initially would describe as the genre as well as everything you can remember about writing piece, and try your best to remember every time you even thought about it (i.e., did you read the prompt on the bus? did you talk about with a friend? Etc.!).

4)Then draw two pictures of the process. Specific directions are below:

Drawing 1: The first picture should represent how you actually engaged in writing this particular piece. That picture might show a place or places where you wrote, a kind of sustained episode of writing, what resources you use, other people who are involved, how you vary your activities as you engage in a specific episode of writing, how you feel during the writing.

Drawing 2: The second picture should represent the whole writing process for this project from start to finish (or to the current stage). The picture might show how this writing project got started, interactions with other people and other texts and even animals, practices like drinking coffee, water or other libations, experiences that have shaped the project over time, the history of drafts and responses to drafts, your evaluations of and emotions about this project at different times and so forth.


After the drawings are complete, do some writing about them, explain them in detail and all notes or labels you put on the drawings. It might help to answer, particularly: What do these drawings reveal about your unique approaches to genres? And what might your unique approach to engaging with genres suggest about what we talk about as “uptake”? What other genre-related ideas come up as you engage with this assignment?

You should aim to have this completed by no later than TUESDAY, 3 November. When you have finished, send the partner with whom you’re working on these tasks your drawing (a picture of it is fine) and your writing. Cc me on this email!

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