word document ): week 1 assignment template H u m a n i t i e s

word document ): week 1 assignment template H u m a n i t i e s

Activity 1.3: Elements and Principles Image Hunt


The elements and principles of design are the basic building blocks of art. You will be expected to use the terminology of art throughout this course, so this activity provides you the practice to use the terms by defining, identifying, and applying them. Use the following template for this activity:


For this activity you will be creating a visual and verbal explanation of each principle and element.

Complete the worksheet in which you do the following:

  • Define each term in your own words. (1 or 2 sentences should suffice.)
  • Identify an artwork that exemplifies each term. Include the image of the artwork sized down to fit into the table.
    • Do not use the artworks that are noted in Section 2.5 of the text. You may use the textbook, but locate works in a different section or chapter.
    • Use artworks where you can credit the artist. If you don’t know who created it, don’t use it. Do not use clip art or stock images.
  • Show (using a drawing tool as in the example) or briefly explain where each term is used.
  • Create an image of your own to represent ten (10) elements/principles. You can select whichever ten you want. This can be something you draw or put together with objects around you (see example in the worksheet). This needs to be your own creation or assemblage, not another artwork or image you find online. This should be something you create with your hands – draw or assemble – not pictures of pictures.
  • Reflect on this experience. Was it challenging or easy or a mix? This should be a little more detailed than “Yes” or “No”; explain with some detail.

Terms: line, shape, mass/volume, perspective (space), texture, color, unity, variety, scale/proportion, balance, movement, rhythm


When defining the terms, go with a broad approach — the general idea of the term. However, when creating your artwork and identifying an artwork from the text or another online source, consider being more specific. For example, locate an artwork that contains contour lines or create an image with crosshatching.

Note: the example in the template file uses a specific type of line for demonstration purposes.

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