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Principles of Management:

In chapter 1 the eText referred to how management has evolved and a variety of approaches on how to effectively manage others that have been used throughout history. Pick an approach that you have seen used by either your manager, a public leader, or even your parents. Name the approach and how you saw it displayed and the good, bad, or ugly about it.

You may also want to listen to the approach Jim Collins (2001) argues is most effective in his book, Good to Great, through the Audio teaching

  • Be sure to reference your eText or other research to support your response.
  • When you make your initial post, please fully answer the question and make substantive responses – i.e. at least 200 words that really dive into the topic and show that you’ve read in your texts and done the research to support your opinions.
  • Apply appropriate examples that illustrate your points – feel free to bring your work experiences into the discussion. It helps us all learn when we can relate our past work experiences to what we’re learning here in the discussions.
  • You must reply substantively (at least 50 words that welcome further discussion) at least twice to your classmates and/or your instructor.
  • All discussions and assignments required the use of APA to cite and list references. APA stands for the American Psychological Association and the guidelines that they develop for formatting and citing sources in research papers are required in many college-level classes that deal with areas of Business, Criminal Justice, and Education. Here you will find some practical information about what APA style and format are and how to use them.

Addiction and Obsession: The Nature of Addiction Part I (p. 3-12)

Read the following three examples of substance users. Then, using the definitions of addiction that you learned about in Chapter 1, along with the criteria that are used to define “substance use disorder” in the DSM-5 (from pages 6-7 in eText), please analyze each case.

  • Siggy is a 45-year-old woman from Boston, MA. She is unemployed and her major pastime is drinking. She drinks five to six beers per day, but does not drink to the point of getting drunk.
  • Xavier has diabetes and takes insulin every day. If he does not, he would become very ill. He lives in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Fran is a survivor of child sexual abuse. She has flashbacks and panic attacks on occasion but uses Valium to help her deal with the pain. She lives in a rural area of Idaho.

In a 300-word post, answer the following questions using ONLY THE INFORMATION PRESENTED in the cases! DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! Do no make up information that is not there. Make an assessment using the information presented in the case study and the information you read about in Chapter 1. Also refer to the materials from the weekly field trip.

1.) How do you define the word “addicted”?

2.) For each example, answer the question—do you think the person is addicted? (or at risk for addiction?) Why or why not?

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