wikipediaat least two sources created H u m a n i t i e s

wikipediaat least two sources created H u m a n i t i e s


Computer Science and the Study of Computer Science have had multiple implications on society: whether positive or negative. For this post, you will write an exploratory piece on any computing topic that interests you.

The Spec:

Picking a Topic

Think of an innovation in computing that has changed the world, whether socially, economically or culturally. While you should talk about the impacts your innovation has made, we want you to write with a focus on the technical details of how your innovation works, or how it manipulates and uses data. You are welcome to choose ANY innovation which has had a significant computing component.

As long as it is a technology, and it fits into one of three categories mentioned above, you should be fine!


  • Purpose
    • What is the social issue that your chosen innovation is addressing? Does it resolve common issues in a particular community? Does it improve quality of life in some way or another? Think about why the innovation exists and what motivates it.
  • Effects and Impacts
    • What are both its unintended and intended consequences? Think about the big picture.
    • Are there any concerns or social implications of this innovation, and what are its biggest impacts on society, the economy, or culture?
  • Technical Impacts
    • Describe a high-level technology behind your chosen innovation. This can be stuff like: Levels of abstraction, relevant algorithms, relationships to over innovations (the Internet, AI, security etc…).


  1. You are expected to write a minimum of 550 words. There is a soft maximum of 700 words.
  2. You must cite 3 separate sources of information:
    1. One source OTHER THAN Wikipedia
    2. At least two sources created after January 2016
    3. In your citation, please include the author, title, source, and, if possible, publication date. For online references, also include the URL and date accessed.
    4. Please consider using websites such as for correct citation etiquette. Any standard format (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago) is fine–ultimately we care less about format and more about whether you include the info listed above. There’s no need to stress about trivial things like, for instance, whether the “correct” parts of your citations are italicized.
  3. You MUST properly use in-text citations for any direct quotations used in your assignment. To be clear: any time you copy any lines of text from any of your sources, YOU MUST:
    1. Place the copied text in quotation marks
    2. Include the author’s name in parenthesis after the quote.

Any failure to properly cite your sources will be treated as plagiarism.

  1. You will only be graded on the work that you write yourself. While you may use direct quotations sparingly to support your arguments, we will not consider these as standalone answers to the prompt questions. In other words, if your response consists primarily of quoted text, you will not receive full credit (regardless of whether the text is properly cited).


Here are just a couple of things you should keep in mind while working on the Explore Post.

  1. Feel free to use diagrams, in fact, we encourage you to use them! Utilize any form of media you see fit to communicate your point. While this is not a requirement, take any liberties to make your explore post as interesting as it can be.
  2. Spend some time thinking about your particular innovation before you start. Since you have a limited length requirement, we are looking for quality over quantity, so really write about something you are interested in or passionate about, and make sure to condense the main ideas into your Explore Post.
  3. Have fun! Go wild! Be creative! Don’t be pressured to only explore only “popular” innovations – as long as you are interested in this technological innovation, we are too. Conversely, if your topic sounds like something that others might also write about, don’t feel that you need to find something different that you may not feel as passionately about.

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