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hey man I have to of my classmates post on the same topic you wrote about plz respond to each post as well

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Trust is very critical when building a productive environment in the workplace with effective professional relationships. For employees to work together well they need to have positive relationships and trust makes it possible. Betrayal is an intentional or unintentional breach of trust or the perception of a breach of trust (Reina & Reina, 2006). When betrayal of trust occurs, it can cause devastating effects in the workplace and destroy relationships at the workplace. It is very hard for people that don’t trust each other to work together. If unchecked, betrayal can lead to a culture of distrust that can act as an ingredient to greater betrayals.

My experience from the groups I have been being that trust is a vital component of each group. The trust we had in the group made everyone believe that every member of the group could successfully carry out the tasks that they had been assigned to do and that have confidence in their abilities. Trust also makes it possible to believe that what the other members are saying true and the feedback that you receive from them is true.


Reina, D., & Reina, M. (2006). Trust & Betrayal in the Workplace: Building Effective Relationships in Your Organization Ed. 2 (p. 30). Berrett-Koehler.


I believe trust in the workplace is paramount to a successful work performance and overall culture. Whereas in many cases, I do believe trust has to be earned. However, many times in the workplace, especially emergency management, trust has to be assumed from the beginning. For example, when an employer hires someone for a job, they have to trust that they hired the right person to do the job correctly. This is true to emergency management as well. Incident Commanders/Section Chiefs have to trust they hired the right person to assist with managing an incident. If they were wrong, or the person betrayed that trust and did the job incorrectly or against protocols, the consequences puts lives, infrastructure and other cascading impacts at risk.

Workplace environments that have been little supported and trusted may have found themselves forcibly having to reconcile with that today. Since COVID-19 has forced many employers to have their employees work from home. Previously to COVID-19, many employers feared allowing their employees to work from home because they believed it would reduce productivity. Managing was best done by visibly seeing who was in the office doing work. However, this management strategy had to shift for many employers to trust their employees and based their productivity off of deliverables, rather than observation of creating the deliverables.

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