week 8 draft thesis outline W r i t i n g

week 8 draft thesis outline W r i t i n g

Please submit your first thesis draft for review and critique by the course instructor. This draft is worth 10% of your grade. It is your initial draft of progress to date. Is the literature review sufficient? Will the thesis hold up to critique?

In Week 9, everyone will submit what you have completed to date with regards to the development of your thesis. For example, if you’ve only completed your introduction and part of your first chapter, that is what I would like to see. I want to provide you with input as we go through this process. I don’t expect that anyone will have completed their entire thesis at Week 9.

The first draft submission (of your entire thesis) is not due until Weeks 10 & 11.

I hope this helps to clarify where we are with the development of your thesis and expectations for deliverables.

Professor feedbacks and recommendation from week 8 outline. Please review attachment and make necessary changes.

Thank you for your Week 8 Draft Thesis Outline. I reviewed your thesis and added my notes and recommendations. (see attached file below) Please accept the recommended changes in your paper.
One change that I made throughout your paper is to refer to “children conceived from rape” rather than “rape children.” It provides for a clearer description. Please review the page formatting requirements. The first pages of the thesis are small roman numerals. The first “page 1” starts with Chapter I and is located at the bottom of the page and centered. Guidance regarding pagination has already been provided. I also corrected your Chapter headings and formatting. Chapter titles are to be 12 font, no larger. The information you provided under Chapter II, Literature Review is good. You have a good start for your Chapter III, IV, and V. Please continue to develop these chapters as you continue your research. Please remember that this is a “Scholarly” paper and critical attention is given to your references. I noted formatting errors and missing doi information for several of your references. I ran your first three references through citefast.com and found some errors. I recommend that you run all of your references through citefast.com, check for accuracy, and then export those references to a word document that can easily be inserted into your paper. I had demonstrated this to everyone earlier. I will continue to check references on all draft submissions.

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