week 2 written assignmentweek 2 written assignmentquizstudent assessment H u m a n i t i e s

week 2 written assignmentweek 2 written assignmentquizstudent assessment H u m a n i t i e s

Week 2 Written Assignment

Week 2 Written Assignment


Student Assessment of Skills for EDU 512

The following quiz is designed to examine the most important skills required for a graduate student to succeed at Keiser University. Please demonstrate your ability to complete each of the activities on the quiz. Create a Word document with a title page (actually question #1) for your answer sheet. List each question number and the question, followed by your answer (preferably in a different color type or font to distinguish it from the questions). You may cut and paste the questions from this page into your answer sheet, and respond directly after the question. Make sure your answers are complete, but concise, and written in full sentences. Save the file name as

File name: lastnamefirstinitialEDU512Wk___

Good luck!

1. Review the APA Paper template in the Week 1 Readings folder to construct the title page. Design a title page that is exactly according to this standard, with the proper information for this assignment, class, your information, etc. and use it as the first page of this quiz.

2. Describe at least two ways you can locate the KU Bookstore to find out what textbooks are required for your next class and order them.

3. How do you know what assignments are due each week?

4. Explain how to find a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article on effective school communication in the KU Library.

5. Please put the following material in the correct order and format as a reference:

Title of article: Exploring ways to integrate foreign language study in elementary school.
Volume number of journal: 16
Title of journal: Journal of teaching and learning
Author: Colton J. Maxx
Pages: 163-172
Date: February 12, 2010
Number of issue: 3

6. Please correct this incorrect citation: Maxx, 2010, revealed in his study on classroom misconduct that “34% of students misbehave because they do not respect their teachers, page 35.

7. If you receive a SafeAssign score of 7% what should you do?

8. If you receive a SafeAssign score of 27% what should you do?

9. Name at least four sources of assistance located in Student Resources.

10. What is the Writing Studio and how does it work for students?

11. Name three ways you can contact your instructor for questions or assistance.

12. How can a student find out what grade he or she received on an assignment?

13. How can a student find out why he or she received the grade received on an assignment?

14. Go into the Start Here section and specifically state what is located within the Start Here section?

15. How do you know what class you are taking next?

16. Who is your advisor?

17. List three examples of invalid resources that you should not use for your discussions or assignments.

18. What should you do if you need to submit an assignment late?

19. What is the penalty for late assignment submissions?

20. What type of information should you cite from journals, studies, reports, and other scholarly sources?

21. How do you get technical assistance with e-mail or the course pages?

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