watched using 12 point times new roman font H u m a n i t i e s

watched using 12 point times new roman font H u m a n i t i e s

Watch a live event of your choice online or on television (any length over 20 minutes)

Complete this short assignment following the parameters as follows:

1. Find a live event online or describe one you attended this month that has some theatrical elements like those described in our textbook. This can be a concert, wedding, sporting event, amusement park, escape room, stand up comedian, political rally or a play (but not one of the two plays you must watch in this class to review). There are countless live events that are “theatrical.” If you’re unsure, email or message me. If it’s something you physically attended, it should be a recent event, something you attended during this term. Otherwise, watch something theatrical online or on TV that’s live or was recorded live.

2. Write a one page paper about the event you watched using 12 point Times New Roman font, double spacing, black text. It should have at least two short paragraphs, but three or more is better. Limit yourself to one page, please.

3. In the paper address the points below briefly (a few sentences):

a. What did you attend? (include a photo or image if you wish) What genre was the event? (Use the textbook for help in answering this).

b. What was its point or intention? To entertain, inform/teach, show human condition or a combination of these? Be specific about the intention(s) of the event.

c. Did it achieve its intention(s)? Why or why not?

d. Briefly address the theatrical elements such as: Lighting (even if outdoors), sound, actors/performers (if there were any), costumes (if there were any), make up/accessories (part of costuming), direction/director, theatre space (what kind?), scenery (if there was any), spectacle (all of the theatrical elements combined to create a wow factor) and anything else you might want to mention.

4. Submit the short paper as a PDF. You may add an image to your document if you wish.


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