Volunteers in sleep experiments are normally habituated to the

Volunteers in sleep experiments are normally habituated to the sleep laboratory for a few nights before the commencement of any formal testing,,A.to get rid of excess alpha activity. ,B.to increase the amount of alpha activity. ,C.because the first night of sleep in a laboratory is often fitful. ,D. to get rid of delta sleep. ,,Each cycle of sleep during a typical night tends to be about,,A.5 minutes long. ,B.20 minutes long. ,C.35 minutes long. ,D.90 minutes long. ,,During REM sleep, changes in autonomic nervous system activity suggest,,A.arousal. ,B.increased relaxation. ,C.neural inactivity. ,D.unresponsiveness. ,,The association of REM sleep and dreaming was discovered in the early 1950s in the laboratory of,,A.Siegel. ,B.Kleitman. ,C.Mistlberger. ,D.Meddis. ,,Which common belief about dreaming has been confirmed by research?,,A.Some people never dream. ,B.Penile erections occur during dreaming only when the dreams are sexual. ,C.Sleep talking and sleep walking typically occur while people are dreaming. ,D.none of the above ,According to the text,,,A.Freud viewed dreams as symbolic representations of repressed sexual conflict. ,B.there is no convincing evidence for Freud’s theory of dreams. ,C.Freud’s view of dreams is widely accepted by the general public ,D.all of the above ,,The comparative investigation of sleep has led to an important conclusion: It has suggested that,,A.sleep serves an important physiological function. ,B.the function of sleep is not some special higher-order cognitive function. ,C.the amount of time that a members of a particular species tend to sleep is related to how long it takes them to consume enough energy when they are awake and how susceptible they are to predation when they are sleeping. ,D.all of the above ,,During microsleeps, people,,A.fall down if they are standing. ,B.become less responsive to external stimuli. ,C.display a sleep EEG. ,D.both B and C ,,According to the default theory, REM sleep and,,A.slow-wave sleep are similar. ,B.delta sleep are similar. ,C.wakefulness are similar. ,D.dreaming rarely occur together in psychotic patients. ,, 1.0 Points,Slow-wave sleep seems to play a particularly important role in the recuperative effects of sleep. The following is major evidence for this conclusion:,,A.People regain only a small portion of their lost sleep following a period of sleep deprivation, but they regain much of their lost stage 4. ,B.Most long sleepers get a higher proportion of stage 3 and 4 sleep than short sleepers. ,C.Volunteers who have reduced the amount that they sleep each night have often accomplished this without substantially reducing the amount of stages 3 and 4 sleep. ,D.both A and C,Circadian cycles without zeitgebers are said to be,,A.free-running periods. ,B.free-running. ,C.desynchronized. ,D.diurnal.,, , ,There is good evidence that the internal circadian clock is located in the,,A.suprachiasmatic nuclei. ,B.raphé nuclei. ,C.basal forebrain. ,D.caudal reticular formation. ,