visit finding journal articles using ccsf H u m a n i t i e s

visit finding journal articles using ccsf H u m a n i t i e s

Write the World’s Shortest Research Paper. Use the CCSF library databases to find a scholarly journal article in the form of a research study (see highlighted note below) on a topic of your choice from Chapter 14. You must search for full text articles as you will need to download the article and attach it to your discussion board posting.

To be clear, journal articles are journal-style scientific papers and focus on research by reporting the details of the research conducted by the author(s). Accordingly, these articles contain sections that coincide with the experimental process: abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion. Be sure that the article you find has these sections and that the study was published within the last 15 years. Here is a good example of what a journal article looks like: Journal Article Example. Please do not use a meta analysis (or an article that focuses on reporting the findings of many studies.

Once you find your article, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Be sure the topic of the article directly relates to one of the topics in Chapter 14 of the textbook. If the topic is not related, you cannot earn credit for this assignment.
  2. Carefully read the entire article.
  3. Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of the article. In the summary, describe the purpose of the study (2 points), the participants (1 point), how the research was conducted (i.e., methods) (4 points), and the results in your own words (4 points). Be specific. Explain what you mean. (total 11 points)
  4. Discuss how the results relate to the material you read in Chapter 14. (5 points)
    Note: This should be more than one sentence and include more than “Berger discussed this topic in Chapter 14.” How do the findings of the study relate to the information in the textbook?
  5. Include a relevant image somewhere in your posting. The image does not have to be from the article itself. Instructions for adding images to your posting, both written and video demo, are posted in the discussion board. (1 points)
  6. Include the full citation of the journal article at the end of your posting. (1 point)
  7. Attach the journal article to your discussion posting. Please do not simply provide the link. Much of the time, links to scholarly studies in the CCSF databases do not work or require that I have to take multiple steps to access. Simply download the article you are going to work with and then attach to your posting in the discussion board. (2 points)


This DBA is about analyzing an actual research study. The first thing I do is check the article you used. Please do not choose an article that simply reports the findings of a number of studies or is simply an article on an interesting topic. The article musthave methods, results, and discussion sections. It must be a research study, and it must be a primary source. If you choose an article without these sections, you are not fulfilling the requirements of this DBA, and I will not be able to award credit (nor will I accept a late submission). If you are unsure about the article you’ve selected, then feel free to ask me about it (before it is due, not after).


Tip #1:
To access the databases, you need your CCSF RAM ID. This is the same ID and password you use to login to our class. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
  2. You should land on a page entitled A-Z Databases. You can try Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) or ERIC or any other database that you think might lead you to what you are looking for.
  3. You may be instructed at this point to login using your RAM ID.
  4. Do your search. You can search for author, title, subject, etc. In the “Search Options” under “Limit Your Results,” be sure to limit your results to “Full Text” and “Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals” by checking the appropriate boxes.

Red Arrow.jpgIf you would like to see screenshots along with instructions, visit Finding Journal Articles Using CCSF’s Databases

Tip #2:
Instructions for adding an image to your posting, both written and video demo, are posted below.

Instructions for adding an image to your posting:
Adding Images to Discussion Board Postings in Canvas

Video on how to upload an image to your discussion posting:

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