view >> header footer although H u m a n i t i e s

view >> header footer although H u m a n i t i e s

1. What causes crime? Why do people commit crime? (at least a page and a half)

2. What is the current crime rate in the US, is it high, is it low? You can mention relative to other nations, but I am more interested in hearing how high the current US crime rate is relative to its own crime rate in the past 50 or so years. Justify your answer- what makes you feel this way or how do you know (if your answer is more than a guess- it doesn’t have to be)? (Your answer for #2 can be short- maybe one paragraph)o Note- please spend a bulk of your energy and page space (about 2/3 writing about question 1.

This should be thought of as a free-write. Just sit down and type until you have 2-3 pages. For this assignment there are only 3 restrictions:

1. There should be very little stress- you will not be graded on being “right or wrong” your grade will be entirely effort based.

2. This paper should not be researched- do not google anything, do not look in a book, do not provide me with sources. This is entirely based on what YOU think- have fun with it.

3. That being said, you cannot receive help from anyone else. Again, I want to hear your thoughts.All assignments for this course should be turned in using the following formatting guidelines:

1. Line Spacing: single spaced2. Font: Times new roman 12

3. Margins: 1 inch


On my computer (mac) you can do this by going to view>>header footer although it may be different for different versions of word or on a PC.

An example of how I would like the header formatted can be seen on this page.

Please call this assignment INTRO ASSIGNMENT When turning in the assignment, please label the file:


For example: SEVERSON_IntroAssignment

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