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using times new roman H u m a n i t i e s

BBC: In your report, you should summarize the content of the documentary, briefly introduce the main ideas /points discussed by the various participants (host and expert guests), share your appreciation (critique) of the documentary, and conclude with your recommendations


Your report should be 1000
(about four-pages) long. Your text should be written in Word-format,
using Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced. Once your report is
completed, you should submit it to me in PDF format through NEXUS-Email.
Your report should include:

A cover page identified with your
name and student number, and the title of the documentary you are reporting:
Title: Documentary Report of Treasures of Heaven Reliquaries, a BBC

A summary of the documentary (roughly
2 pages) which begins with a mention of your source (host’s name, title of the
documentary, source: website http link).

Your appreciation (review) of the documentary (roughly 1 1/2 page).

4. A brief conclusion (c. ½

Summary of the documentary

You should introduce in a
comprehensive way the most interesting facts you’ve learned from the
documentary, including the emphasis given to the ‘iconophilic aesthetic’ of the
reliquaries, so that your readers could have a good overview of Treasures of
without having watched it. Your report should be easily understood
by your readers who, in this case (for this assignment only) would be
university students. This means that you should adjust your style to reach that
category of readers. You should be succinct without being superficial, and you
should use appropriate terms/vocabulary to reach them through your report (no
slang please! ).

Your appreciation (review)
of the documentary

You should write as if you were
an art critique. You should weigh the positive and negative aspects of the
documentary and question the way the host and his guests approach the subject
and interact with the objects they introduce. In your appreciation of the
documentary, you could try to answer questions such as (these are just
): Did the host and his guests succeed in promoting the interest of
the subject (the relics and their reliquaries)? Are they some points that
remain unclear in the documentary? Has the host considered the reaction of the
audience or clearly ignored it? Would you say that the guests expressed their
personal opinions/views on the subject or remained neutral? Were you offended
by the content of the documentary, and if so, what did you find so offensive?


Would you
recommend the documentary or not, and why?

Do not forget
that you are asked to be critical in your report, so take notes when watching
the documentary. That will help to remember what you really liked or disliked
when watching Treasures of Heaven – Reliquaries.

How the
Report will be graded:

1) The
content and organization: the clarity of your summary and appreciation (review)
of the documentary, and the structure of your text (logical structure) 5

2) The
completeness of your ideas using appropriate examples & originality. You
should give signs of originality and comprehension of the documentary (the
ideas developed by the host and his guests). A series of excerpts (direct
quotations) from the video is not a valuable form of report 3 marks

3) The appropriate format of your report
and the quality of English 2 marks

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