using least one social media platform W r i t i n g

using least one social media platform W r i t i n g

This week, I’d like you to blog on whatever suits your fancy. BUT… I’d like you to follow the style and structure laid out for your first blog (“My Story“).

That means the post isn’t a list or review but rather a straight narrative post with an engaging lead, a succinct nut graf, short pararaphs and, ideally, an ending that brings us back full circle to your lead.

See tips on this structure here as well.

Tip Sheet #1: Blog Writing (+ Sourcing & Copyright-Free Images)

Blog-writing tips and style guide. I’ll expect you to follow these guidelines in your posts:

  • Tips for Blog Writing-1.doc (see attached) Proper Sourcing:


Start with an anecdotal lead describing the turning point / moment in time.

Then, transition from that event to today and add a nut graf (tell readers what you’re writing about here).

The rest of the post tells us more about the past event and its relevance to the present.

Style guidelines are linked to above.

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