using accurate apa 7th edition citations W r i t i n g

using accurate apa 7th edition citations W r i t i n g

Learning and cognition is a broad discipline. For this Discipline-Based Literature Review, you will research at least four peer-reviewed articles published within the last ten years to support your analysis of just one of the following topics. You may choose the area that is of most interest to you:

  • Operant and classical conditioning
  • Reciprocal determinism
  • The effects of modeling on learning
  • The cognitive revolution
  • The effects of self-efficacy on learning

In your analysis of each topic,

  1. First explain the theoretical perspectives and empirical research that are pertinent to the field of learning and cognition.
  2. Define key terms and provide examples of how modern research shows the theories in action.
  3. Following this analysis, identify at least one ethical dilemma posed by the research methods themselves OR by how the theories are applied in real life.
  4. Propose at least one solution to that ethical dilemma by applying APA ethical principles to the evaluation of each theoretical approach.
  5. Support your statements with evidence from your selected articles, using accurate APA 7th edition citations.

The Discipline-Based Literature Review

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