use structured text like bolding L a w

use structured text like bolding L a w


For this high-stakes assignment, you will draw upon the work you have completed thus far, and take your intervention plan through the next two stages. First, you’ll draft a policy and a program in response to the problem you have been considering, then you’ll choose which approach is preferable. Having made the choice between program and policy, you’ll then create an action plan for moving forward.

Your written report should cover the following specific areas:


  • Describe the program you intend to create.
  • Define the target population—Who or what is the target?
  • Define target selection and intake procedures—How are targets selected and recruited for the intervention?
  • Define program components such as the precise nature, amount, and sequence of activities—Who does what to whom, in what order, and how much?
  • Define the job descriptions of the staff and list the skills and training required.


  • Draft a specific policy statement that addresses the problem.
  • Define the target population of the policy—Who are included and who are not?
  • Identify the responsible authority—Who is required to carry out the policy and the responsibilities?
  • Define the provisions and procedures of the policy.

Intervention Selection

Choose between the program and policy options that you have described, and justify your choice. Explain why you have chosen to proceed with the intervention that you selected.

Action Plan

This section of your report will present your action plan for implementing the program or policy.

Your action plan should follow the specific steps presented in the lecture and readings:

  • Identify resources needed and make cost projections.
  • Plan to acquire or reallocate resources.
  • Specify the time it will take to accomplish the implementation tasks. List the specific activities that will need to be accomplished and assign responsibility for each task to a particular employee. You may refer to job titles rather than make up employee names.
  • Develop mechanisms for self-regulation.
  • Specify a plan to build and maintain support.

If you have the ability to create a Gantt chart, include it with your action plan.

Make certain that you support your analysis with proper reasoning. Use structured text like bolding, headings, bulleted lists, and charts/tables where appropriate to increase the clarity of your communication.

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