use personal pronouns like “ W r i t i n g

use personal pronouns like “ W r i t i n g

For this paper, you will choose three passages from the book that in some way caught your attention. These passages may have introduced you to something you did not know, helped you to understand something you did not previously understand, simply caught you by surprise, whatever. The choice is yours, although your choices should follow these guidelines:

    • One passage should focus on education (learning, teaching, etc.);
    • One passage should focus on culture; and
    • One passage can be about anything you want.

You should then do the following for each passage:

    • State the passage, in its entirety, including a page number.
    • Describe what this passage illustrates – teaching, the effects of poverty, etc. – including a detailed discussion of how, supporting your arguments with evidence from things you’ve learned in our class.
    • It is not okay to simply state your thoughts and not say something about where they came from. This means you should be citing at least one source other than Other People’s Words per passage discussion and discussing that source in detail.
    • The evidence you choose must come directly from the Cushner, McClelland, & Safford text or the lectures, articles, or other resources you have been introduced to in this course. You do not need to use, nor should you use, any additional resources.

Finally, your paper should include a conclusion that specifically addresses the following:

    • What you learned from reading this book.
    • How this book has enhanced your understanding of education and diversity.

Because this is about your impressions and thoughts, it is perfectly acceptable to use personal pronouns like “I” and “my.” This is, however, still a formal, academic paper. Be careful that you are not overly informal.

Your paper must also be written according to the latest APA edition. A template is provided for you to assist with the formatting of your paper. You MUST use this template.

Your paper should be at least 1300 words. This is 1300 words of text; it does not include the passages, your title page, or your references.

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