use mla format writing assignment purpose W r i t i n g

use mla format writing assignment purpose W r i t i n g

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Argumentative Essay

  • Write a 750-1000 word argumentation/persuasion essay using any approach as a method of development.
  • You MUST cite a minimum of four references/sources all from CTC Library’s online databases. Research is REQUIRED for this essay.

An effective argumentative essay must have evidence to make its case; most arguments that occur in daily life happen in the heat of the moment and are more likely directed toward saving one’s own pride than toward giving clear and supportive proof to one’s claims.

Writing Approach

Knowing how to brainstorm is going to save you from writing a weak essay. Also, knowing how to support your claims with evidence from outside sources will further strengthen your essay. For that reason, this assignment requires the use of four references/sources  all from CTC Library’s online databases. In addition, you will add a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Finally, your Works Cited page will be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format so that all information provided will be easy for your reader to find.
Before attempting this essay:

  • Review all of the chapter sections located in Lessons 6 and 7.
  • Review the available documents and sources located at the Helpful Resources folder on the course menu.
  • Use MLA format

Writing Assignment

Purpose: to persuade
Method of Development: your choice
Choose your own topic, but make sure that it is something that can actually be argued.  You cannot argue something that is a fact. Factual statements cannot be supported.  They can be verified as true, but they cannot be argued.  You can argue for or against something that can be supported by research. Some examples are: Should teenagers be able to play violent video games?
Should cellphones be allowed in the classroom?
Is social media destroying the way we communicate?
__________ (insert player name here) is the greatest player in the history of ___________ (insert sport name here).The above items can be argued, but there are many others to choose from. The choice is yours. If you have something in mind but you are unsure if it will work as an argumentative/persuasive essay, please send me a message through the Messages link for assistance.
You may NOT choose one of the following topics:
Abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, religion, _____ (child, drug, spouse, etc) abuse, save the ____, or any other topic that is so closely tied to an individual’s moral/religious foundation that an individual cannot be persuaded by rational argument.  
Also be sure that your argument (thesis statement) is a true two-sided argument.  For example, you can’t argue that cancer is a devastating disease because, aside from being too broad a topic, clearly cancer can be devastating.  You can’t argue against child abuse because no one in the mainstream would argue that it’s acceptable to abuse children. Of course some people take the position that any corporal punishment constitutes abuse while others may feel that restrained physical punishment is acceptable.

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