use 1 inch margins W r i t i n g

use 1 inch margins W r i t i n g

ANALYSIS PAPER (3 PAGES MAXIMUM not including photos)

FORMAT: As with all assignments for this class, submit your assignment to CANVAS. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT WORK IN .PAGES FORMAT. THANKS. INSTEAD, SUBMIT IN WORD .DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF. Please submit all parts of this assignment as one document instead of separate docs. Put photos INTO the document, no separately. Please make sure your name is at the top of every page of your paper. Double-space your paper and use 1 inch margins all around (it makes it easier to read).

The content of this assignment is based upon your lists from the TASK 1 assignment. Answer the following questions:

PART 1: Do you believe your consumption (media and products) and your cultural-consumption profile is consistent with your self-perception (who you think you are)? Are there areas where your consumption misrepresents who you are or who you want to be?

PART 2: Review your product consumption list. Are there items you can cross off because you don’t really need them? Are you over consuming? Do you find you purchase more food than you can eat (throwing away leftovers or food that’s been in the fridge too long). Do you find your closets are stuffed or that you have too much stuff to manage?

PART 3: Review your media consumption. How much of your media consumption time is active and purposeful. And how much is mindless and a waste? What is the ratio of screen time (tv, videos, computer, gaming) to non-screen time in your life?

The next two parts of the assignment require you to create a visual representation of your media and product consumption.

PART 4: Take a photo of your television/video viewing situation. Perhaps you watch your video on a big screen television in a living room. Perhaps you watch on your computer or through your xBox. Where ever it is, take a photo of the situation. Do show any identifying information in the photo (there should be NO people in the photo.)

Write a brief paragraph describing your viewing situation. What is important to you when setting up your viewing situation? Do you watch alone? With others? If you could change anything about the environment, what would it be?

PART 5: Take a photo of your basic products. Include the photo into your paper (don’t upload it separately, please). On your bathroom sink, set out the products you use to get ready in the morning and take a photo of them. Do show any identifying information in the photo (there should be NO people in the photo.)

Write a brief paragraph describing your products. What percentage do you consider absolutely necessary? What are a few of the products that you do not need but you have anyway? Why do you think you bought them?

EXTRA CREDIT (include in your essay):
I’ve required this assignment in the past and the results have been great (and interesting). At some point, I’d like to post some of the photos (for discussion) or publish them in a study. If you would be willing to grant me permission to use your photo, please let me know and provide me with your email address.

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