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Hello I need a response for each chapter and two resources for each one.

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Chapter 2: Importance of Legal Description

Which is more important–understanding the legal description (physical measurement of the land) or understanding the economic characteristics of the land? Or is it equally important to have a clear cut understanding and appreciation for both. Justify your answer.

Chapter 3: Property Rights and the Power of the State

Our system of government provides for individuals the right to hold ownership to real estate utilizing the legal concept known as “fee simple ownership”. Yet, our system of government also provides for taxation on real estate holdings, eminent domain and police powers to establish rules, regulations, ordinances and zoning as it relates to real estate.

What is “fee simple” ownership? What role does the government have to “police” our property rights, that is, to establish ordinances to regulate property appearance and conditions, property line setbacks, grass and weed control, trash or hazardous materials, abandon motor vehicles or the parking of RVs in the front yard. What is the role of a community zoning plan? Why allow zoning in the first place?

And finally, what is your opinion on the issue of eminent domain as it pertains to your right to protect your property keeping in mind that the power of eminent domain is enumerated in the US Constitution? (It might be helpful to review James Madison’s writings in THE FEDERALIST PAPERS on the subject of eminent domain) It may also be helpful to review other US Supreme Court rulings prior to the Kelo case that addressed eminent domain.) What role did the Kelo case (US Supreme Court ruling) play in the state’s legislatures redefining the concept of eminent domain?

Chapter 4: Legal Title to Hold Real Estate

Chapter 4 focuses on the actual ownership of real estate. Explain your understanding of the concepts of “tenants in common” and “joint tenancy”. Is one form of ownership better than another? Provide an explanation for your opinion and provide some examples to clarify why you hold that position.

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