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us joint venture elderly care service organization B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Delta Healthcare is a high-end senior care service provider with international background. It will open its first facility in Xuhui district of Shanghai in the summer of 2020, focusing on transitional care (rehabilitation and skilled nursing care after hospitalization). It’s totally new to the marketplace and its awareness is low. A recent market research revealed that transitional care is still new idea in China. Many seniors would rather stay at home after they are discharged from hospitals.Please draft a speech on behalf of the China president of Delta Healthcare to address at the opening ceremony. The speech needs to cover key points including what is the facility for, why it’s unique and how it can benefit different stakeholders. The event will be attended by the local government officials, hospital partners, media as well as potential customers.

Additional Information

The American Detai Xuhui Rehabilitation and Nursing Home is the first Sino-US joint venture elderly care service organization in China established by Delta Healthcare and the largest listed elderly care service company in the United States (Pacific Senior Living) in Shanghai. Healthcare (Detai) is a flagship institution invested and established in China to provide professional elderly care services focusing on rehabilitation, nursing and life care. Pacific currently has nearly 500 elderly care institutions in the United States, manages nearly 60,000 rooms, and serves more than 60,000 elderly people. Its elderly care service products are rich in types, including intermediary centers, nursing homes, elderly apartments, dementia elderly centers, and CCRC (Continuous Care for the Elderly Retirement Community) etc. The center is located in Huajing Town, about 3 kilometers south of the Botanical Garden in Xuhui District, Shanghai, adjacent to the Huangpu River, with a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery.

Detai’s mission:

We are determined to provide each elderly person with more reliable and personalized professional services.

1. Through the rich experience in rehabilitation treatment of world-renowned rehabilitation physicians and the world-class rehabilitation treatment and nursing equipment, after fractures and bone joint replacements, help patients with physical disabilities such as strokes (strokes) and neurosurgery to maximize their recovery Physical function, improve self-care ability and quality of life!

2. Committed to providing comprehensive, professional, humanized, and personalized caring warm and meticulous elderly care services for the elderly in China.

No matter if you are taking care of your life or need physical rehabilitation, Detai will provide you with a full range of professional services that meet the different needs of each household. So that our elderly can truly enjoy the old age!

Detai Professional

Detai is an international high-end rehabilitation elderly care institution (70 beds) established in accordance with the American service concept and standard model. It introduces the most advanced international rehabilitation and nursing equipment, has world-class professional rehabilitation doctors and nursing talents, and combines Chinese and Western The essence of medicine, through continuous individualized rehabilitation treatment plan to promote the functional recovery of patients with disabilities, to maximize the quality of life, aiming to create a world-class happy home for the Chinese elderly.

Detai Management

American Pacific provides professional and personal services for this project, will be responsible for the entire management system support and training, and will regularly assign senior management talents for guidance, training and assessment.

Detai has international professional star hotel management talents,

Detai will continue to study rehabilitation expertise and improve management methods to comprehensively improve the level of rehabilitation and nursing services.

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