upper right hand corner ). W r i t i n g

upper right hand corner ). W r i t i n g

In your own words please type the answers to the Objectives from Lecture for Chapters One and Four and submit them here. (Blue “Submit” button in the upper right hand corner). Devote at very minimum one paragraph to each question (objective) or question part. These questions will be the possible short answer questions for the Exam on January 17th.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. All homework assignments for this course need to be typed to be accepted

  2. Again, these answers and examples need to be in your own words. In your own words means “as if you were explaining the answer or a concept from this class to a friend”. Submissions with too high a plagiarism/similarity score will not be accepted.

  3. Please clearly separate your answers for each objective so it is clear to which objective you are answering.

  4. For full credit you must reference or cite your information even if pulled from my lecture, my lecture slides, the textbook, posted YouTube videos or any other internet source!

  5. Every question should have at least ONE reference or citation

    • NOTE: It is OK and I expect you to pull the answers from my lecture, the lecture slides, the text and outside internet sources I just need you to reference or cite it! Use APA Style or these simple examples:

      • Example: If you got the information from my lecture use slide numbers or approx. time stamps: (Lecture Ch 4, Slide 13) or (Lecture Ch 4, 10:50-12:00)

      • Example: If you got the information from the text book use the page numbers: (Textbook, pg 84-86)

Chapter One has One Objective:

1. Describe the core principles and name the major player (underline that name in your answer) of the FIVE great historical psychological perspectives:

      1. Structuralism

      2. Functionalism

      3. Psychoanalysis (Freud)

      4. Behaviorism

      5. Humanistic Psychology

Chapter Four has Five Objectives:

    1. Describe THREE (of seven) ways from lecture that we understand the human brain

    2. Describe the two-step “electro-chemical” process of how neurons communicate with each other.

    3. Describe the functions of the FOUR lobes of the brain.

    4. Describe the functions of ANY THREE subcortical structures of the brain.

    5. Describe the function and difference between the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems.

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