unlawfully abuse peoplegovernment involvementno racial profilingequalitythesis H u m a n i t i e s

unlawfully abuse peoplegovernment involvementno racial profilingequalitythesis H u m a n i t i e s


Think  of potential subtopics about which you might write.

Child Development 

After you have “thought” about the subtopics and your proposal, post a response.


Police brutality will end if the police officers treat others with respect and good behavior. Solutions: The government should regulate some punishment for the police officers that do not respect others. There should be some education course for the police people that are going to become police officers. demilitarize the police department. Thesis Statement: If the government is more strict about police brutality with people, and if they educate the police department on how to deal with all type of people, then there will be not brutality and sympathy will spread instead of brutality. Topic Sentences: If police officers get punished from the government for their brutality, then they will treat other in the country with more respect. Brutality does not solve a problem, instead there should be respect and knowledge in order to solve a problem. Opponent’s View: Police brutality should stay in order for the people to respect the police and do what a police officers tell them to do. 


Proposal: Considering that today’s issue is the fact that police overuse their power and use it as an upper hand meaning they abuse their power.Solutions: Charges pressed against those to unlawfully abuse peopleGovernment involvementNo Racial ProfilingEqualityThesis:  Police abuse their power and continuously use violence to show their issue rather than doing it lawfully and questioning them. People are abused and hurt unable to fight back because of the injustice that is being brought upon them.Topic Sentences: People each day are hurt and abused by the police because they think it’s necessary.Every day people are racially profiled and when comes to the police they look at you based on your race to see if you are dangerous or not.Opposition view:  Police fight back to protect themselves because of the danger that is brought upon by the people.

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