unit readings focused L a w

unit readings focused L a w


A portion of the unit readings focused on rehabilitation and reintegration. The goal of rehabilitation is to get inmates to change their behaviors. This change is needed so that when they are released, they will not reoffend. Reintegration takes this a step further and attempts to assist the inmates with entry back into society, ensuring they are equipped to be a productive member of society.

For this discussion, imagine you are a sergeant in charge of special programs at your prison. Your prison only houses 500 inmates, so staff and inmates are all very familiar with each other. Given the dynamics of your facility, the staff has great influence over the attitudes of the inmates. It has been brought to your attention by one of your subordinates that several corrections officers have been bashing the rehabilitative and reintegration programs that are in use at your facility. The subordinate has confided in you that it is starting to have a negative impact on all of the officers on the shift. The officers in question have not only been saying negative things to staff but to inmates as well, and your subordinate is concerned that this will affect the inmates’ attitudes. It could begin to have a negative impact on the staff running the programs if the inmates stop taking the programs seriously. Your position is complicated by the fact that you know that if you say something to the officers, they will know who provided you the information.

In your initial post:

  • Determine, as a leader, if you would seek the assistance of anyone regarding this issue.
  • Determine the resources you would need to address the issue.
  • Lay out the steps you would take in addressing this issue.
  • Explain what you would say to the officer that provided you with this information, knowing he or she may be treated as an outcast.
  • Express your desired outcome.

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