uneven effects upon different peoples W r i t i n g

uneven effects upon different peoples W r i t i n g

Discussion Forum Reflective Learning Tasks: According to Murphy et al (2009), the role of discussion in our learning is very important. As part of your asynchronous learning, you will be required to participate in group discussions via the Group Discussion Forum of My Learning Space. The groups are pre-selected by your instructor. Your participation in each Forum discussion is mandatory. This ensures that you participate not only for your own improved learning but also to help the learning of your colleagues. Nothing is worse than having a group discussion and having no one show up! Discussion topics are posted ahead of time (please see the Discussion Topics page in MyLS). Topics relate to the Topic Reading for that week. Therefore, it is a good idea to read the chapter readings and links before you may be required to comment on its content. It is also pertinent to make connections to the reading, course lecture material as well as personal experience and other information. The more you add and engage with, the better your discussions will be! I will also be able to add in comments and feedback to discussion forums when I have the opportunity. You have approximately two weeks to carry out the discussion with your group members. You may schedule a specific time to have the discussion in ‘real time’. The scheduled class time of 4:30- 5:50 pm (EST) on Thursdays has been reserved for you to carry out a discussion within the forum in ‘real time’. Or, agree to comment throughout the week giving feedback to your colleagues. But this requires you to check-in to the forum often! For each group discussion, there will be a Discussion Forum Moderator who will provide feedback to me through a feedback assignment. This way, you are accountable to me and your fellow colleagues. You must participate in ALL forum discussions. You need to complete FOUR reflective learning tasks. See the detailed assignment instructions in MyLS. Missing discussions especially those that you are required to moderate will impact your overall success in the course.


5a) Over the last three decades, institutional, geopolitical and technological changes have enabled an increase in the magnitude and speed of the circulation of people, objects and information around the world, albeit with uneven effects upon different peoples and environments. Mobilities are uneven; a power geometry coined by Massey (2004).  Since the 1990s, this process has been paralleled by the growing attention paid to questions of travel and movement.  With Smart technologies and innovation, mobile phones have enabled tourists to connect anywhere and mostly everywhere with little regard to the impact on their own experience and that of others.  Being ‘connected’ and mobile has brought forth concerns about how this has ‘disconnected’ one from the travel experience.  Discuss your thoughts on whether we should disconnect in order to truly connect?  https://

5b) Just because we can, does it mean we should? Space tourism has been a topic of concern yet excitement for the past 10 years.  But it is only until recently that the technology and private funding has enabled this elite form of niche tourism.  https:// There are many concerns about space tourism mainly exuberant costs, CO2 emissions, and the inherent symbolism of the extremely rich which divides an ever-increasing wedge between those that have and those that have not.  What is your perspective on space tourism, acknowledging both the costs and potential benefits?

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