u include itplease please please read carefully H e a l t h M e d i c a l

u include itplease please please read carefully H e a l t h M e d i c a l

highlight all changes you do in red color!

Case Study

History of present illness


about this one i couldn’t find the case study, i explained to you i should do the PowerPoint base on the paper, I need the link that you got the case from it

and i asked for Single spaced 5 pages, needs one more page. because when i change it to a single space it becomes 4 pages. and the name of the patient should include.

also the references you add to the second one weren’t included in the research.

please let me know and fix it i should submit it on Monday and it looks it need more work and you include one refrence

if i should give you work to someone els to re do it please let me know!!

what is the reference for this:

Mrs. N has had problems with a frontal headache for about three months. The issues are usually throbbing, mild, and bifrontal to moderately severe. Mrs. N. has also had associated vomiting and nausea, which has made her miss work occasionally. Headaches related to stress last between four to six hours a week. Mrs. N puts a damp towel over the head or sleeps to relieve her headache and sometimes gets reduced when she takes aspirin. There are no associated motor sensory deficits, paresthesia, or visual changes (Pasterkamp, & Zielinski, 2019). The patient started suffering from headaches, vomiting, and nausea at the age of fifteen and continued to reoccur at twenty years. Mrs. N’s mother died of a stroke, and she wants to be sure about her headache. Medications so far include aspirin, one or two tablets for every four to six hours, and she also used a “water pill” in the past for ankle swelling. The patient has a history of allergies; for example, ampicillin causes a rash on her body.

and number 8 i wrote Please include Current clinical trials if relevant !? i didn’t find any reference so u include it

please please please read carefully this documents, I should have a case study in the research as well as in the PowerPoint. I asked you to see the powerpoint i include in the beginning that i can do the same for the case study you’ll give me but i couldn’t see any case study. i need a real case study from references .

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