two relevant visual graphics cited correctly W r i t i n g

two relevant visual graphics cited correctly W r i t i n g

In this assignment, you will write a Formal Report based on research and subject-specific knowledge.

Write A FORMAL REPORT to the President of your company/university. You are required to research ONE of the following topics and develop an authentic context, purpose, and scope of the report.

  1. an analysis of the renumeration packages (job benefits) for Engineering/English graduates in Saudi Arabia
  2. an analysis of two sites for relocation of your company office. Analyze possible training facilities and recreational facilities for employees as well.
  3. an analysis of the work culture/ethics in engineering/marketing/service jobs in Saudi Arabia
  4. an analysis of student activities on the PSU campus (example: clubs, events, seminars etc.)
  5. an analysis of three offices serving PSU students (example: student affairs, registration office etc.)

Your report should have the following elements:


a)     a title page

b)    table of contents

c)     list of figures and tables


d)    an executive summary

e)     an introduction to the issue/background to the topic  

f)     purpose and scope of the report

g)    at least 3 subheadings with relevant descriptions

h)    two relevant visual graphics cited correctly

i)      a bookmark, cross reference, and a hyperlink

j)      conclusion and recommendations (2-3 paragraphs with researched supporting evidence for the claim)

k)    APA style citations and references

Instructions and guidelines:

  1. Research the topic well and discuss it with me before you start writing.
  2. Work in a shared Google Document, so that I can feedback on the different stages of the report.
  3. For the body section:

a)     use researched information as supporting evidence for your topic and claim. Include at least two in-text citations and references in APA style 7th edition.

b)    Make recommendations based on your argument and researched evidence.  

Language Requirements:

  1. Avoid the use of the passive voice as much as possible.
  2. Be concise. Use subordinate clauses to condense ideas.
  3. Avoid gobbledygook and wordiness!

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