tracking countries ’ progress toward meeting H u m a n i t i e s

tracking countries ’ progress toward meeting H u m a n i t i e s

Sustainable Development from an International Perspective

The UN has identified as many as 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, each one associated with multiple measurable targets. The website Our World In Data has put together a helpful collection of pages devoted to tracking countries’ progress toward meeting these goals.The goals most relevant to the current lecture unit include the following:

For this discussion, write two separate posts, each one examining a specific indicator for one of the Sustainable Development Goals linked above. For example, SDG 2 has 13 different indicators associated with eight different targets, starting with indicator SDG 2.1.1. Prevalence of Undernourishment. Your discussion of the indicator should:

  • concisely summarize the target and goal it is tracking;
  • describe what is being measured (e.g., what is “undernourishment”?); and
  • describe any geographical patterns that the indicator shows, including change over time.

In short, what do we learn through this one indicator about progress being made—or not being made—toward the Sustainable Development Goals in various world regions and countries? Does the indicator tell a story of relative success? Where is there still room for improvement? How does the story of this indicator compare to other indicators?

There is no need to do additional research. The information provided on the Our World in Data website is sufficient, including the interactive maps/charts provided for each indicator. Again, you should compose three separate posts, each one focused on a different indicator. Ideally, write about indicators that your classmates have not already discussed. There are dozens of indicators associated with the eight goals above from which to choose. As with all of the discussion assignments, you also should read your classmates’ posts and comment upon several of them; a larger-than-usual portion of the rubric is based on the quality and quantity of such comments.

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