topic write 3 paragraphstrans kidsfrom H u m a n i t i e s

topic write 3 paragraphstrans kidsfrom H u m a n i t i e s

Hi how are you? I want you to do my homework. And there are 6 topics that you are going to do and each topic you have to write 3 paragraphs. First do not copy from the internet cuz the teacher will know. I want you to read from the internet and explain it from your own words plz. Each topic in different document and i do not want all the topics in one doc plz also Name the topics with the bold words plz

  1. The name of the topic

Race and Racism

Write 3 paragraphs

  • Construct a definition of the terms “white privilege” and “white supremacy.”
  • Provide an example of each, if different.
  • Do white privilege and/or white supremacy shape the lives of Americans today? How?
  1. The name of the topic


Write 3 paragraph

  • What are the social problems created by the criminalization of drugs and alcohol?
  • In which ways would society benefit with the legalization of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroine?
  • Are you in favor of the legalization of currently illegal drugs? Why?
  1. The name of the topic

Write 3 paragraphs


  • Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs answering the following question:
  • Does the USA need more immigrants or less immigrants?
  • Be sure that in your answers you demonstrate that you have read the following articles:

  • What is pornography? Is the wide availability of pornography good or harmful for society?
  • 6. The name of the topic

    Write 3 paragraphs


    • What is an intersex condition? How should parents raise their intersex children: as girls, boys or intersex? Would it be better for society to recognize 3 sexes instead of two? Why?

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