top 5 consumer health issues H e a l t h M e d i c a l

top 5 consumer health issues H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Final Project Paper will be a Annotated Webliography

Prepare an annotated webliography listing 3 websites for each of your Top 5 Consumer Health issues.

From your textbook readings, the other readings in the Readings Folders of each module, or your own research. list what you determine to be the TOP 5 Consumer Health issues. Then under each of the TOP 5 Consumer Health Issues, list 3 websites with trustworthy information. So you will have 5 Top Consumer Health Issues and 3 websites with trustworthy information under each of the 5 issues for a total of 15 annotated websites.

Start with a cover sheet including the class and your name at a minimum

An introduction for the final project – An Annotated Webliography -explains what the reader is about to see in the body of the final project paper

Under each Website give its name and the URL of that website (so the reader can go to the website).

Next, in a brief paragraph, describe what the reader will find when they open the website (this is the annotation).

Then, under each annotation, give your evaluation of each website including:

  • Accuracy. If your website lists the author and institution that published the page and provides a way of contacting him/her, and
  • Authority. If your website lists the author’s credentials and its domain is preferred (.edu, .gov, .org, or .net), and
  • Objectivity. If your website provides accurate information with limited advertising, and it is objective in presenting the information, and
  • Currency. If your website is current and updated regularly (as stated on the page) and the links (if any) are also up-to-date, and
  • Coverage. If you can view the information properly (not limited by fees, browser technology, or special software requirements), then you may have a Website of research value.

Finally, who is the audience for this website – who might benefit from reading this website?

Then go to the next of the Top 5 Consumer Health Issues and repeat

After all 5 top Consumer Health issues and the 3 trustworthy website associated with each topic have been completed, write a summary paragraph of this final project paper.

. Note: Wikipedia is not a credible source for any website in this Final Project Paper (webliography).

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