title page including ba 350 W r i t i n g

title page including ba 350 W r i t i n g

Prepare a research paper detailing the impact of COVID-19 on a management and organizational behavior topic that you are very interested in.

There are many topics that managers face in organizations which recently have been impacted by COVID-19. Examples of just some of those topics include absenteeism; productivity; emotions, attitudes, stress; teams; conflicts of interest; discrimination; equity; organizational culture; equal opportunity; employee safety; change; hiring practices; perception; communication; sexual harassment; leadership; motivation; fraud; internet usage; environmental; marketing; sustainability; revenue management; pricing; small business; remote workforce; crisis management and response; operations and supply chain; finance; strategy; brand; and liquidity.

Select a topic that interests you and detail with supportive references how COVID-19 has impacted your OB topic. Questions to consider including in your paper are: Is the COVID-19 impact positive or negative? In what specific ways has COVID-19 influenced your topic? Is this a global or U.S. specific COVID-19 impact on organizations? What solutions and proposals do you recommend in addressing the COVID-19 impact on your topic area? Cite examples in-text regarding your OB topic and the COVID-19 impact. What correlations are there between your OB topic and the COVID-19 influences?

Recommendations: Based on your OB topic and COVID-19 details and correlations, include your feasible recommendations which will address the COVID-19 impact on your OB topic. The viability of the recommendations and justification will be considered in your evaluation.

Your OB/COVID-19 10 page research paper should include 6 pages of text in the body submitted as a Word document, double-spaced, 1” margins, and size 12 font for your entire paper. Also, add 2 pages of supportive exhibits such as tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc.) Additionally, add 2 more pages: First page should be a title page including BA 350, your topic, your name, and date of paper submission. Last page is your References page(s) APA style for all cited sources (minimum 5 references).

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