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  case ( my case is Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1, 551 U.S. 701.0

When it is your turn, prepare to make a short presentation on how you would decide each. You will also write a short paper. Papers should be two to three pages typed, double spaced, using 12-point (Times New Roman or equivalent) font. Margins should be 1.25 inches all around. Make sure your name is on the top, along with the name of the case, and an indication that it is your opinion. You will be graded, so take care to do a good job. Write in complete sentences, organize your thoughts in coherent paragraphs, and check for spelling and grammar. 

If it is your day to participate, your task is to read the cases assigned for that day, even more carefully than normal. Think about the various arguments by the different opinions. Which opinion is most convincing to you? Why? 

1. At the very beginning, write a few sentences to explain the crucial facts of the case. Then, indicate the constitutional question at issue, referring to the appropriate clause or clauses of the Constitution. 

2. Be sure to describe the strongest arguments that you disagree with. This should be near the beginning of the paper, after the introduction of the issue. You should be make clear this is a position you argue against. But be sure to take those arguments seriously, as something to grapple with. 

3. Explain how and why you would vote to decide the case. This is the meat of your paper, where you provide evidence and logic to support your position. Convince the reader. In doing so, think about a. the premises (or starting points) for your decision. b. the reasons for deciding that way. c. the consequences of deciding that way. d. what facts of the case are most important for the decision. Can you think of ways in which, if the facts were different, your decision would be different? 

4. It is often useful to analyze the case by thinking about modalities. What modalities are associated with the arguments you adopt? What modalities are used by the arguments you eventually disagree with? Is your decision influenced by the type of modality? If so, why? You may find it useful to write these out separately first, and then weave them into the body of your paper 

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