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times new roman font .• apa citations used B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


4 to 6 pages, single-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font.

APA citations used when citing material / content from class(e.g., any time you introduce a concept or term from class, you need to properly cite it).

Make sure to clearly define, and cite, constructs and concepts when you introduce them in the paper. You also need to use clear citations – e.g., you cant just say “Leadership is important” (as that is too hollow and meaningless without further context).

This assignment is designed to make you think and reflect on how you, as a leader, would actually re-act and operate in the situation described below – taking into account learnings from both the class and your experience on the team; thus, it is appropriate to us “I” language and to write the paper from that perspective.

I am looking for depth and an understanding of the concepts from class and seeing how you would apply those concepts to tackle real problems.



Congratulations! You have just been appointed as the leader of a new team. When you talk to the former manager, you learn that this team is experiencing motivational issues. Specifically, the team is not performing well and members are actively looking for other jobs. Suggest THREE actions you will take to increase team members’ motivation. For each of the three actions, you need to use motivation theories/concepts to explain how each action can help increase the team members’ motivation. You can state your assumptions about the reasons the lack of motivation to justify your answers. I am also looking to see you incorporate learnings from your experience on your current team.


Six months into your assignment, you realize that you need evaluate your follower’s performance. You decide to implement a 360 evaluation so that everyone will evaluate everyone else, including themselves. What are some of the rater biases that you need to be aware of when evaluating the members of the team you are leading and what are some of the biases that your followers may be susceptible to? Describe 5 biases and how they might manifest in this particular context. What could you do as a leader to help mitigate some of these biases from manifesting and ensuring that you have more reliable data? How would use this data? You can state your assumptions around whether or not the team scored high or low on certain areas to justify your answer.


A year after your initial assignment, you successfully led and managed the team. Upper management has taken notice of this and has allowed you to design your own team and has also allowed you to tackle any problem in the organization you are passionate about. Describe how you would design the team and what elements of the design you would pay particular attention to. What procedures would you implement to ensure that your team was successful. What problem would you be most passionate, personally, about tackling in your current workplace and how would you use the team you have been able to design to address that issue. You can provide background information and assumptions to justify your answer, based on experiences on struggle within the current class team that you are on as context.What I am looking for here is that you have learned from the class team you are on right now and know how to avoid those similar pitfalls going forward.

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