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times new roman 12 size font B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

– The length for this reflection paper is about 4-5 pages (single spaced, Times New Roman 12 size font, with 1 inch margin on all sides, with page numbers), and with about 7-8 overarching (meta) learning takeaways, interwoven to tell a powerful and interesting story about the student’s own learning throughout the course.

– “I would prefer you wrote about your key (most significant) learning from the whole course, covering the concepts learnt, a few real life examples from the cases and readings, relationships (overlaps/differences) with other courses you have taken in the university, and things you read in business papers or magazines or watched on TV/internet that resonated with the content and discussions in this class. So, the form and content of the learning journal is very flexible, it is limited only by your introspection/imagination/reflection. There is no need to develop entries for each class or on each topic.”

 I expect you to write about at least seven to eight overarching concepts that together form the most important learning takeaways from the course for you.

It is important to emphasize there are no right or wrong answers for this reflective essay. Any ideas are welcome, provided they result from thoughtful critical reflection about the concepts and are backed up by logic, argumentation, or evidence as the case may be.

Equally, it is important to note that the paper be written in business language, free from grammatical and spelling errors, and be respectful and professional even when critiquing topics taught in class or presented in the course pack or readings.

-This paper will be a free-flowing record of the student’s key learning points from the course. Such learning points could be the student’s insights about any of the concepts and topics covered in class. They could be based on the student’s critical reflection on one or more of the strategic management tools and frameworks, or about the readings. Students could indicate which of the topics covered in the course resonated the most with them, and why. They could summarize the questions and additional ideas that came to mind as they thought further on the topics. Finally, the learning points could indicate the possible inter-linkages the student found among concepts taught in this course with concepts taught in other courses in the MBA program, any additional insights that came to the student while reading the day’s business news in a business newspaper or magazine, or reflections that occurred while the student attempted to implement some of the concepts taught in the course to the case examples, the SAP project, or in their personal work situation.

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