time .————– alexandra zarazua hello everyone H e a l t h M e d i c a l

time .————– alexandra zarazua hello everyone H e a l t h M e d i c a l

I’m working on a public health multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please be detailed in your answers, 100 words or more. Proofread your post for spelling and grammar errors. You will lose points if you have less or errors are found. Note: repeating the question does not count as part of the 100 words.

Discussion – Fifteen Points

I am always in the mood for a great debate…so let’s create the debate discussion boards…last week’s “Dear Class” was terrific, so this week should prove to be thought-provoking. Discuss your feelings on one of four topics. You may comment on all four if you like. Please remember our motto, we will agree to disagree in a civil and loving manner. Any uncivil or derogatory remarks will be immediately deleted when found.

So if you want to be heard follow the Golden Rule, “do (speak) to others as you would have them do (speak) to you.”

Topic one: What do you think about homosexuality and heterosexuality?

Topic two: What would cause you to participate in a sexual encounter outside of your committed relationship?

Topic three: What are your thoughts on abortion or choice?

Topic four: Do you think it is okay to read or look at pornographic books, magazines, websites and videos? Why or why not?

I know this may stir the pot a little bit, but I like stirring the pot, and I like having real conversations about real life subjects. Let’s face it, these are sexual issues we confront all of the time.


Alexandra Zarazua

Hello everyone! Well, this discussion is definitely interesting. I have an opinion for all of those topics. Since I can’t chose all four, I will be choosing homosexuality and heterosexuality. I chose this topic because it something that hits home more. I have been around people who are homosexuals and i love them, they are my family. I feel like people who are closed minded do not like homosexuals or the idea of them. For me, it is 2021, I don’t really care if you are gay, bi, trans, or lesbian. Love is love and if you choose to be with the same sex, than go for it. We have shows that are now showing same sex parents and that’s causing so much uproar for some. You can just educate your children a little more or don’t have them watch the shoes that have that. Now a days kids are so glued to their iPads or phones that they probably know more than the adults. An easy conversation about homosexuality can benefit them instead of trying to hide it from them. We are all human, we all deserve love, we all deserve respect.


Jessalyn Anthony-White

Topic three: What are your thoughts on abortion or choice?

This has always been a touchy topic my response to abortion is I’m not for it not even under rape circumstances, I believe that the life that comes when getting pregnant deserves the option to live just as much as we have had the privilege to live. The babies that are aborted are usually for personal reasons and I don’t believe that the reasons are enough to disregard a life we have many choices and you are able to put the baby up for adoption to help a family in need which is way better than death and allows for a better opportunity for the baby at hand. It’s sad because the babies in these situations can’t speak for themselves and deserve the best judgment. All life is worth living and there are many options better than abortion that can be arranged for the baby and the person at hand to have a better life.

Topic four: Do you think it is okay to read or look at pornographic books, magazines, websites, and videos? Why or why not?

This has been an interesting topic for me and I always thought that it can cause problems in marriages. I do believe that some couples may take it differently and are able to co-exist while still dabbling in these things. Maybe my mind is just wired differently I always was more selfish and belive that my attention is only for my husband and that his should be the same, I had looked up many of vlogs of other women’s experiences and notices that these kind of things can make a person insecure and make them feel inadequate to their spouse. It can make them feel like they are not good enough and make the relationship worse. I believe that two level-headed and agreeing partners can enjoy this and become happier but it’s not the case for all people. For myself, I don’t mind if needed but as a preference, I don’t need it, and does nothing for me and I rather just be aroused by my partner and have intimacy that way.

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