three liner explanation per link H u m a n i t i e s

three liner explanation per link H u m a n i t i e s

Part 1

In this forum, after watching the videos post your reflection addressing the following question prompts.

Respond to each prompt in no less than one paragraph (3-4 sentences) and not more than two paragraphs.

1. Did you know about the Web accessibility features discussed in this unit? If yes, when and in what context was it presented to you? If no, what are your initial reactions after watching the videos and reading the blogs? (25 Points)

2. Using the Internet, find 2-3 web resources that can help you to further your understanding of Web accessibility for the grade level you plan to teach and the subject matter. Post links to the resources here. These resources could include videos, articles, blogs, or Web pages to list a few examples. Provide a one or maximum of a three liner explanation per link. (25 Points)

3. How do you plan to integrate Web accessibility features in your teachings, provide some initial thoughts if you don’t yet have a concrete plan? If possible select a topic or activity to walk us through your idea of integrating ISTE standards? (25 Points)

4. Was there any content in this unit that surprised you? Create a word cloud displaying the various Web accessibility features. You can use the software of your choice to create the cloud. Here is the one that I use often (http:// ( (25 Points)

Part 2

In this assignment, you will search and post five apps that are available for a free download which can serve the special needs K-12 students population. So it will exclude geriatrics, job-related disability etc.

Your submission should list

1. You will post 2-3 lines to a maximum of a paragraph-long description of each app.

2. Will this app support in general day-to-day activities for a Physical Education class?

3. Paste screen captures [~ 5-10 in total] of the apps to give a comprehensive view of the look and feel of the app.

4. Do you have any suggestion(s) to improve the app?

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