This is the week in which each one needs to select a topic for

This is the week in which each one needs to select a topic for your individual research report. You need to submit your choice in the form of a 2-5 paragraph statement of the topic and how you will approach it.,Some examples of topics include: ,• Nike and International Labor Practices – (past 5 years) – consider, in particular, what options Nike (and other firms in similar circumstances) realistically have when sourcing products from emerging nations. Do not neglect the economic issues as well as the ethical concerns. ,• Shell UK’s North Sea (Brent Spar) Platform (1995) – consider how well Shell and its nemesis Greenpeace handled the situation, and how and why it got out of hand. Was it ultimately handled in the public’s best interest? ,• Danish newspaper publication of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad that caused riots throughout the Muslim world – consider the right of free press in tension with the respect for religious beliefs, and reflect on an appropriate response for the newspaper when the violence began. ,• GE’s bid to acquire Honeywell (US/EU antitrust) – consider the differing standards of the EU and the USA in antitrust legislation and GE’s attempts to deal with the differences. ,• Apple in China — the company has come under fire for labor conditions in its production facilities in China. Consider the company’s options and how it might address the situation so that its beneficial to all concerned parties. ,