think sporting occasions provide limitless possibilities B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

think sporting occasions provide limitless possibilities B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

1. What is gentrification and in what ways can sport/recreation/leisure play a role in gentrification? What are the consequences of this for (a) communities and (b) individuals?

3. In the influential book on Catalonia nationalism (and the 1992 Olympics), John Hargreaves (2000) said,

“The most potent and decisive way nationalist ideology is communicated and nationalist mass movements are generated and sustained is through the language and symbolism of nationalism. Modern nationalism is a complex ideology incorporating abstract ideas about autonomy, identity, national genius, authenticity, unity and fraternity, in terms of which given population are characterized by a significant portion of their members (most importantly by nationalist intellectuals and the intelligentsia) as actual or potential nations. Language and symbolism, rite, and ceremonial play a crucial part in demarcating boundaries between communities. National language, symbolism, rite and ceremonial connect nationalist ideology to the culture of wider segments of the population, that is, to popular or mass ideas and beliefs, sentiments, customs, styles, mores and ways of acting and feeling shared by members of a community of historic culture, so that the nation and nation identity become a ‘natural’ part of the culture. Sporting occasions, big and small, provide almost limitless possibilities for deploying the language and symbolism of the nation … symbols which, in certain circumstances, may be manipulated by a political movement and attributed with nationalist meaning” (p14-15).

(a) Why do you think sporting occasions provide limitless possibilities for deploying nationalism and nationalist sentiment?

(b) How does the case of Barcelona FC reflect this?

(c) Can you provide an archive of sporting nationalisms within a U.S. context? Be sure to explain this connection. (Provide a URL related to the problem, and explain why the content of this URL is related to the problem, and briefly explain the content of the website.)

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